DPI Sdn Bhd was established in 1979 as a member company of DPI Group Of Companies.

A Dynamic, Progressive, Innovative organisation, DPI is well known in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond as the premier manufacturer and aerosol filler of paint and other coating products. We are also a leading and reliable contract aerosol filler of all types of liquid products using different propellants. State-of-the- art machinery, strict adherence to internationally accepted quality standards - culminating in our achievement of ISO 9002 Certification by SGS - competitive pricing and most of all highly competent and motivated employees have all helped to place us among the top in the aerosol industry. Indeed the name DPI has since become a Hallmark that is instantly recognised and held in the highest regards by customers and prospective customers alike and that which all in our organisation hold proud.

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DPI was established in 1979 as a manufacturer of decorative paint and industrial wood coating servicing consumers and industrial users in the southern part of Johore State in Malaysia. In 1983 the company started to produce nitro-cellulose based quick-drying paint for packaging into aerosol cans. After initial period of trials and promotions, sales took off in 1985 and since then the company has achieved double digit growth year after year. In subsequent years, more products were introduced to the market, some through our own in-house research and Innovation and some through technical transfer from reputable overseas manufacturers from Japan. USA etc.

Under the Dynamic leadership of our Chairman and CEO Mr. Peter Chai and true to our Innovative and Progressive spirit and in line with our national aspirations, DPI has, since 1989, expanded its operation into many countries overseas. Investments overseas are mainly joint ventures with some in the form of technology transfer through licensing. To date, we have established manufacturing facilities in Australia, China, Pakistan, Thailand and offices in New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong. Today, our products are exported to numerous countries among them Japan, India, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Germany, Fiji.