Aerosol Spray Paint

Here's the list of products provided by us. To get more information about these products, please click on the image or the name of the product.

1. Aerosol Fluorescent Spray Paint  
  This is specially formulated to add bright glowing colors for safety, decoration, signwriting display and all highlighting pruposes. When use outdoor, use in conjuction with a clear coat to protect against the effect of UV light.  
2. Aerosol Motorcycle Spray Paint  
  Good quality modified nitrocellulose fast drying paint for refinishing of motorcyles. It has excellent gloss, abrasion resistance, gasoloine resistance and durability. Available in colours of most popular brands of motorcycles  
3. ANCHOR General Purpose Quick Drying Aerosol Paint  
  This is a high build, fast-drying spray paint based on modified nitrocellulose
resin that has been specially formulated to produce brilliant high gloss finish for DIY and for most general usage on most types of surfaces
4. DPI Auto Spray Paint  
  This is a high quality modified acrylic paint specially formulated for touch-up and minor repair of original paintwork of automobile.  
5. Glo-Mark  
  Glo-Mark is a special paint that glows in the dark and is recommended for marking potentially hazardous areas and emergency escape routes so that they can be visible during electrical black-out.